In Mexico the different regions were settled by several ethnic groups throughout its history. These ethnic groups founded important civilizations, flourishing language, tradition and craft to which each region´s identity is strongly linked. Each region specializes in their own weaves and symbology dating back to pre-hispanic times.

ANIZA works with local artisans to support their craftmanship and help preserve the rich cultural textile heritage of Mexico. In Europe we work with family owned companies still producing locally and with a savoire faire cultivated through generations.

Our collections unite continents by respectfully interweaving Mexican and European textiles, showcasing their beauty through sophisticated simplicity.


ANIZA works with SEMILLAS, a Mexican non-profit organization at the forefront of social change. SEMILLAS was founded in 1990 by Mexican women to advocate for women’s rights and equality in Mexican society. The organization focuses on several key themes:
– Economic Autonomy for Women´s Cooperatives
– Gender Violence
– Labor Rights for Women Workers
– Sexual and reproductive rights
– Land Rights for Indigenous Women

ANIZA believes empowering women is essential to making a positive difference that touches entire communities, regardless of gender. We take part in providing workshops for different cooperatives and help support the initiatives of Semillas.
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At ANIZA, many decisions are based on what is best for the environment and within our means.

We work with natural fibers, mostly wool, cotton and linen. Our Mexican textiles are produced using wool sourced from local sheep, bred in the community where it is dyed using natural pigments -in line with ancient traditions. Cotton threads and fabrics are also from local suppliers. The European fabrics we use are from family companies having a savoire faire passed through generations. Linens come from Belgium and France close to the fields where the linen is grown.
The marriage of the Mexican and European textiles takes place in ateliers across The Netherlands, France and Portugal.

Most of our branding and packaging is made locally in Europe using certified or recycled material.

Any waste from our production is saved and used to make a limited-edition collection of small accessories once a year.

Changes will continue to take place to increase the sustainability of our company where possible.


Ana Iza Castro Valle Motteau is a Mexican who was born in Turkey and raised between Sweden and Mexico.

She studied fashion in Florence at Polimoda, and went on to finish her studies in international trade at F.I.T. in New York.

After working in the fashion industry for 18 years between New York and Europe, she today lives with her husband in Paris and Amsterdam.

The combination of her business experience, passion for textiles, belief in human rights and love for her country gave birth to ANIZA.

“Living across continents from an early age, I learned to respect and enjoy the differences and similarities between cultures.”

PHOTOGRAPHY: Marion Leflour

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